Schema definition of “priceRange”

The Schema definition of “priceRange” is “the average price of products or services this business offers” where the value must be expressed as text.

One of the main benefits of running a transparent media company is an ability to comply with Schema standards for pretty much any type of content before it is published. I often refer to this as the basis for correct information — if it can be defined in accordance with Schema correctly, chances are the information is correct, and valuable in some way.

This is the primary basis for reliable and unbiased information published in the Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED)

This is what one would typically include as “priceRange” for a Review, such as a Restaurant, or a Book Store:

$ = inexpensive
$$ = moderate
$$$ = expensive
$$$$ = very expensive
$$$$$ = if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it

I don’t like these references for Real Estate Companies for three reasons. (1) pricing for services is often variable (2) each service often proposes a value (or lack of) beyond simply pricing (3) some services operate by means of hidden fees and kickbacks, making the $ to $$$$$ system unreliable.

I am currently looking for feedback form the real estate sector community and consumer advocates to implement a higher level system that focuses on the type of fees, rather than the $ amounts. This is what I have been able to compile thus far:

“priceRange”:”Cash Offers”
“priceRange”:”Flat Fees”
“priceRange”:”Set Fees”
“priceRange”:”Mixed Fees”

Where the following list of companies offer: — Flat Fees
Flyhomes — Savings
Home Bay — Flat Fees
Homie — Flat Fees
Jovio — Flat Fees
Prevu — Savings
Savvy Lane — Flat Fees
SimpleShowing — Flat Fees
TRELORA — Flat Fees
Yoreevo — Savings
Faira — Flat Fees
Houwzer — Flat Fees
Redefy — Flat Fees
Ribbon — Set Fees
Surefield — Savings
Unlocked Real Estate — Savings
Aalto — Savings
Landis — Set Fees
Open Listings — Mixed Fees
Reali — Savings
Redfin — Mixed Fees
REX Real Estate — Savings
Torii Homes — Mixed Fees
Enkasa Homes — Mixed Fees
HomeLight — Kickbacks
HomeVestors — Cash Offers
Landed — Kickbacks
Offerpad — Cash Offers
OJO Labs — Kickbacks
Opendoor — Cash Offers
Orchard — Mixed Fees
RedfinNow — Cash Offers — Kickbacks
Trulia — Mixed Fees
Xome — Kickbacks
Zillow — Mixed Fees Real Estate — Kickbacks
Blend Realty — Kickbacks
Clever Real Estate — Kickbacks
LemonBrew — Kickbacks
mellohome — Kickbacks
NAEBA — Kickbacks
Nobul — Kickbacks
Opendoor Brokerage — Kickbacks ReadyConnect (Opcity) — Kickbacks
Rocket Homes — Kickbacks
Tomo — Kickbacks
Transactly — Mixed Fees
UpNest — Kickbacks
Zillow Flex Program — Kickbacks
Zillow Offers — Cash Offers

(1) Would this make sense to an average consumer?

(2) Any way to expand/improve these categories?

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