Comments to the European Commission on Collective Bargaining Agreements for Self-Employed Platform…

Highly informative public comment posted by Aurelien Portuese addressed to the European Commission Directorate-General for Competition. As the United States economy struggles with the effects of broken #gigeconomy it is refreshing to see some practical recommendations from the EU.

Specifically, to “Prohibit price-fixing agreement involving platform workers: improvement of working standards may take the form of applicable regulation of labor (i.e., health and security benefits, pensions, and sickness benefits), excluding the fixing of the wages and fees for platform workers as this would crystallize the final price by end-users, thereby cartelizing the platform economy.”

The #gigeconomy problem can only be resolved by either requiring platforms to hire gig workers as employees, or to prosecute on #pricefixing or a “dynamic pricing” model. Any combination of less than yields a total failure to implement a solution.

#antiturst #ShermanAct #FTCAct #ridehailing #laborlaw #competition #ecommerce #Prop22 #AB5 #canofworms

Author: Litesand

Antitrust, real estate, e-commerce, fintech, proptech, bigtech

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